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Marita Gootee, Sand Shadows: The Wave, 2012, digitally reprinted 2012 from 2 x 3" 2008 original, hand tinted Silver Print taken with a pinhole camera and digitally enlarged, 72 x 60 inches, courtesy of the artist

Ruth Adams, Meditating: Eyes Wide, Soaring2011, archival Ink Jet Print,  24 x 20”, courtesy of the artist  

Studio San Giuseppe Art Gallery

College of Mount St. Joseph 
Dorothy Meyer Ziv Art Building
5701 Delhi Road
Cincinnati, OH 45233

(513) 244-4314
Monday through Friday 10 am–5 pm
Saturday and Sunday 1pm–5 pm


The Journey with Sand and Water by Marita Gootee
Meditating: Eyes Wide by Ruth Adams
September 23–October 26

Exhibitions Reception 
Friday September 28, 4 pm–7 pm

The Journey with Sand and Water by Marita Gootee 
The Journey with Sand and Water by Marita Gootee draws focus to the quiet moments lost in the sounds and actions of the present. The works encourage viewers to transcend the cacophony of the mundane to focus on the sublime. Says Gootee, “These are reflections of moments that should not be forgotten or lost. Each image is a new and creative interpretation of a visual memory.” 

Meditating: Eyes Wide by Ruth Adams

In her project Meditating: Eyes Wide, Ruth Adams blends “street photography  roots with meditation.” With a discerning eye for details in her immediate  surroundings,
Adams applies the focusing principles of meditation to the figurative aperture of her everyday environment.

Established in1962, the Studio San Giuseppe Art Gallery emphasizes learning while engaging the local community. Housed in the entrance of the Dorothy Meyer Ziv Art Building, the gallery provides a creative outlet for both artists and the general public on the campus of the College of Mount St. Joseph.