Accompanying Image / Photo Example: 

Andy Marko, FoneFocus: Distant Happenings promo shot, 2012 (not part of exhibit)


1107 Harrison Ave.
Cincinnati,OH 45214

(513) 348-7261
Saturdays 12 pm–4pm
and by appointment


FoneFocus: Distant Happenings
October 6- October 27

Exhibition Reception
Saturday October 6, 7-10 pm

A combination exhibition and live performance, FoneFocus: Distant Happenings is a joint conceptual project designed by Maureen France and Andy Marko, with the photographers Chris Luessen, Ed Deaton, and Andy Marko. On October 6, between 6:45 and 8:30 pm, more than 25 photographers capture original images on their phones and/or digital devices and send them to semantics gallery. The select group of photographers may be anywhere on the planet. The resulting images and photographers’ locations are printed out at semantics and displayed after the reception.

Informed and fearlessly creative, semantics is an essential ingredient in the region’s and Cincinnati’s contemporary arts scene. For 20 years, semantics has continued to present contemporary artists and exciting new work and has exhibited more than 1,000 artists who live across the globe. Programs have included demolition derbies, live stunts, performances with flames and fireworks, large public performances about bugs, glass exhibits, all manner of photography, floods, faculty exhibits, dance performances, scooters, motorcycles, plant exhibits, crocheting, found objects, and more. semantics has presented many painting and sculpture exhibits as well.