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Andrew Norman WilsonThe Inland Printer – 164, 2012, Inkjet print on rag paper, painted frame, aluminum composite material, 10 x 13 ", courtesy of the artist and American Medium

Third Party Gallery

2159 Central Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45214  

(513) 550-2143
Saturday 12 pm–4 pm


Calibration Shift
October 6–October 27

Exhibition Reception
Saturday October 6, 7 pm–10 pm

The mechanical nature of photography has long tethered the medium to concepts of accuracy and exactitude. This connection has changed and weakened as new technologies have developed. Calibration Shift focuses on the current state of this connection. Acting as a readjustment to the problematic history linking photography to precision, the exhibition expands outward from this singular understanding, incorporating a new set of iconography and imagery now associated with calibration, measurement, and other ways in which we now seek accuracy in visual representation. Calibration Shift showcases work by Ryan Boatright, Andrew Norman Wilson, Katja Novitskova, Anne de Vries, Tyler Los-Jones, and Andrey Bogush. These artists expand upon the photographic medium in ways that place the medium outside the immediate locality of cameras and lenses.

Third Party Gallery is an independent exhibition space located in the Brighton district of Cincinnati. Since 2011, the gallery has showcased young emerging artists from around the world. With a theoretical focus on new parameters in geography and location, Third Party Gallery has produced exhibitions and projects that act outside of the space's immediate locality in an effort to broaden the dialogue of emerging contemporary art in the city and the region.