Accompanying Image / Photo Example: 

Francis J Michaels, Spirit, 2008, digital print, 16 x 24", courtesy of the artist

Pop Revolution Gallery

105 East Main St.
Mason, OH 45040   

(513) 492-7474
Tuesday through Friday 10 am–6 pm
Saturday 11 am–3 pm


October 6–October 31

Exhibition Reception
Saturday October 6, 4 pm–8 pm 

HOME exhibits the work of fine art photographers Kent Krugh and Francis J. Michaels, and focuses on the artistic perspective of two outsiders’ interpretations of the family home.

Michaels’ series, Backyard Tragedies, offers an omniscient perspective of tragic events that could happen in any backyard. These are not pictures of gore, meaning there are no bodies or blood. The viewer’s imagination completes his mysterious and eerily beautiful images, while triggering an unconscious response that something amazingly wrong has occurred. When viewing these photographs, imagine the incident has recently occurred. The people have been oddly removed, while everything else in the scene has been eerily preserved. Michaels has had numerous solo and group exhibits, most notably his acceptance in Manifest’s International Competition, Trick of the Light, in 2007.

When first seeing Krugh’s photographs, the viewer sees a house and its unyielding vegetation, showing the struggle between nature and man-made structures. As we look deeper, the photographs teach us about priorities and what we give up to achieve them. To some, the home may be a chance to showcase possession and pride, but, to another, it is simply a place to rest and nurture relationships. Krugh’s photographs are, in the end, a testimony to how we spend our time and resources. They pose the question of what we do and do not deem important.

When Pop Revolution Gallery was founded in 2008, it had a mission in mind: to bring the underground conceptual art world and its powerful message out of the dark and into the community. At a time when a lot of people in the world are in a difficult place, art can be the instrument that pulls everyone together. Since its opening, Pop Revolution Gallery has showcased artwork from more than 100 local artists and has held several national competitions. All exhibits, including solo, group, and competition exhibits, that Pop Revolution Gallery hosts keeps its mission alive.