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Ballard Borich, The Avenue H, 2012, pinhole 4 X 5" instant color print , 4 x 5", courtesy of the artist

Collector's Art Group

225 East 6th St., 2nd Floor
Cincinnati, OH 45202 

(513) 587-0220 Ext.2
Monday through Friday 8 am–5 pm
Saturday 10 am–4 pm


Permission 7 (beyond my own boundaries)
September 28–November 2

Exhibition Reception
Friday September 28, 5 pm–8 pm

In the fall of 1997, painter Ballard Borich announced a hiatus from his trained craft. Inspired by the work of photographer Joseph Sudek, Borich decided to switch mediums and purchased a vintage Hasselblad 500C. As he immersed himself in the craft, his experimentation and curiosity led him through a number of formats; after years of searching, he finally found himself most comfortable at work in large-format 8x10 Polaroid photography. As the culmination of his photographic sabbatical, Permission 7 (beyond my own boundaries) features 15 of Borich’s large-format prints. They are his first, and, with Polaroid’s cessation in manufacture of the film, also his last.

Collector’s Art Group (CAG) Framing & Restoration is a conservation and framing studio located in the Cincinnati Bar Association building. The gallery space opened in 2007, largely because its owners were tired of looking at walls covered with corner samples and empty picture frames. Since its founding, the quirky little gallery has been dedicated to showing a broad spectrum of works by local artists in its intimate second floor setting.