Accompanying Image / Photo Example: 

Rachel Girard Reisert, Tropism #6, 2010, toned Cyanotype prints on Arches Platine paper, 20 x 48", courtesy of the artist 

1305 Gallery

1305 Main St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202  

(513) 383-6815
Thursday through Sunday 12 pm–4 pm
Final Friday 6 pm–11 pm
and by appointment


September 28–November 11

Exhibition Reception                                            
Friday September 28, 6 pm–11 pm

With the Tropism series, Rachel Girard Reisert explores the complexity of perception and interpretation through images of trees. A quiet witness to time and change, the tree responds to light and gravity, its branches turning toward the sky and its roots seeking the ground. Through the seasons, the photographs display her captivation with the intricacy of nature's design and life in the enduring structures of trees.

Reisert uses the cyanotype technique, a historical non-silver process. She hand-coats paper with light-sensitive emulsion and exposes it to ultraviolet light in contact with a negative. The process accentuates the transformation inherent in the photograph from point of capture to point of print. The method also acknowledges the correlation between the tree's dependency on sunlight for growth and its importance in the rendering of the cyanotype print. Through the blue tones of the cyanotype print process, the images are detached and isolated from their sources in the service of creating something new. As the branches extend within and out of the frame, the singular images find purpose in groupings. The separate frames create a tension, a desire for connection, and come together to explore a non-linear version of time and a renegotiation of place.

Reisert uses traditional and digital photographic processes to create work addressing the intersection where personal experience is both unique and universal.  She holds a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design, and an MFA in photography from Arizona State University. This is her second exhibition at 1305 Gallery. Please visit for more information.

Since 2005, 1305 Gallery has shown solo exhibitions by local and regional artists, as well as an annual holiday show.