The FOTOFOCUS Lecture and Visiting Artist Series, sponsored by Lightborne Inc., and formerly known as the Lightborne Lecture Series, invites renowned photographers to Cincinnati to share their work with the public and area college students. Since its 1996 inception as a free public lecture series showcased at the Cincinnati Art Museum, the program has expanded to include an Artist Residency at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. In the fall, area students work with the visiting artist during two three-day workshops, receive one-on-one critiques, and install an exhibition of the photographer's art in the Art Academy Gallery. In the spring, an artist is invited for a three-day visit, with group and one-on-one critiques with students. To date over thirty artists have participated in the Series, including Laurie Simmons (, Todd Hido (, Hank Willis Thomas (, Gregory Crewdson, Thomas Demand (, Joyce Tenneson (, and Doug Aitken ( For a complete list of FOTOFOCUS Lecture and Visiting Artist Series participants visit

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