Accompanying Image / Photo Example: 

Bill Davis, Palimpsest 77, 2011, archival ink jet print, 40 x 51",  courtesy of the artist

Antonelli College Photography Department Gallery

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Bill Davis: Palimpsest Project
(Featuring Recent International Work From the Visual Art in Autism Workshops)
October 12October 26 

Exhibition Reception
Friday, October 12, 4 pm8 pm

Antonelli College hosts a selection of work from the ongoing Palimpsests series by internationally renowned artist and educator Bill Davis. These stunning and large images, almost six feet in length, encourage a dialogue that blends the concepts and ideas surrounding aesthetics of photographic image making and the technical principles of which the medium is comprised of and based upon. Additionally, the relationship of the chalkboard to knowledge and understanding reveals an exploration of the many and varied concepts of art and science as both visual and intellectual stimulus. “While chalkboards were material used for this series, the resulting images are more akin to palimpsests,” says Davis. “Palimpsests are partially erased and rewritten instructional parchments which continue to transmit traces of previous information. Intentional eraser smears are included to suggest that chalkboards and palimpsests, like minds and photographs, have memory. While parts of the work trace the history of light and optics, they also visit how one processes knowledge. This series seeks to operate amongst the inseparable whimsy of imagination and sobriety of intellect.”

Also on view are images from recent workshops Davis coordinated with groups of autistic young adults. The workshops explore the making of art as self-study with the participants. Davis finds in the acute attention of individuals with autism a profound connection to his work and a direct example of the relationships of attention to art. In speaking about these workshops, Davis explains, “This is called entoptic art and I am beginning to take baby steps of research to an expanded understanding of the shared relationships of cave art, autism, autistic art, and hallucination.” 

Antonelli College has been a well-known member of the visual arts community in Cincinnati, Ohio, since 1947.  Our mission is to empower individuals by providing quality, focused education and the development of life-changing skills.