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Nancy RexrothClara in the Closet, Carpenter, OH, 1973, pigment print, 4 x 4", courtesy of the artist

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Landscapes of the Mind
Metaphor, Archetype and Symbol: 1971 – 2012
Nancy Rexroth, Judi Parks, and Jane Alden Stevens
Curated by Guest Curator Judi Parks 
October 5–January 10, 2013

Exhibition Reception
Friday October 12, 5 pm–8 pm

Landscapes of the Mind offers an historical look into how metaphor, archetype, and symbol weave together to transcend ordinary reality in three stylistically different projects created at 20-year intervals.

Nancy Rexroth’s iconic monograph, Iowa is credited as the first publication of a serious body of fine art photography taken with a Diana plastic toy camera.  Published in 1977, the book catalyzed a new genre of photography. For the first time, new photographs are exhibited from the Iowa archive of 16,000 negatives. Rexroth’s ethereal images remove both time and place, pulling the viewer into a dreaming state that hints at a vaguely remembered childhood or a faint feeling we have been there before.

Judi Parks’ 1990s work from City Shadow: Mythic Journey of the Hero takes the viewer on a journey through the urban landscape where subjects become characters in individual life myths and nothing is quite what it appears to be. Reality is reported factually, yet what viewers see represents a tale only they can tell.

Jane Alden Stevens’ current work examines the process of apple growing in northern Japan, bearing witness to the care and precision with which these farmers approach their work. Just as the orchards could not exist without the intervention of human hands, these photographs create a parallel world that exists only within her frame. Collectively, the photographs carry the viewer between the spaces of a haiku, where one is left to fill in the silence.

The YWCA Women’s Art Gallery was established in 1993. Its purpose is to empower local women artists. Although primarily serving the Greater Cincinnati area, the gallery has been proud to host several shows featuring women artists from around the world. As a forum for women’s issues relating to important YWCA programs and services, the gallery has sponsored photographic exhibits on the topics of domestic violence, breast cancer, and women and aging. It is the only gallery in Greater Cincinnati exclusively for women’s art. The gallery features local, national and international exhibits.