Accompanying Image / Photo Example: 

Mark GergenUntitled, 2012, photo sculpture, 12 x 12", courtesy of Synthetica-m 

Synthetica-m Gallery

2157 Central Ave. 
Cincinnati, OH 45214  

(513) 602-2574
by appointment


October 6–November 24

Exhibition Reception  
Saturday October 6, 7 pm –10 pm

Specific features the work of Mark Gergen, along with photographs by Brad Austin Smith, Mason Paul, and Amy WhitakerHard-edged, multi-layered, and labor-intensive, Gergen’s work is characterized by sophistication and fine technique. His projects address the concept of impermanence; each piece utilizes sculptural photography and mixed media to act as visual record of deterioration. He develops his projects as transitional social documents in an ever-changing world. Through this documented transformation he focuses on the decline and rebirth of a landscape. Gergen is regularly exhibited with Synthetica-m.

Synthetica-m is a specialized contemporary art venue located in the eclectic Brighton district of Cincinnati, Ohio. The gallery’s suspended exhibits showcase a range of iconic artists, from those that help shape the art world of today to the artists of the future. These artists work within a plethoric range of media: painting, photography, mixed media, sculpture, sound, video, and even mediums lacking a traditional title or genre. The gallery offers a dynamic program of exhibitions with bi-monthly overturn.