Accompanying Image / Photo Example: 

Tony DeVarco, Pause, 2010, digital print on Dura Velvet paper, 28.5 x 40", courtesy of the artist

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The Way of Time:  An Exhibition of Recent Digital Prints  by Tony DeVarco 
September 22–November 24

Exhibition Reception 
Friday September 21, 6 pm–9 pm 

Artist Presentation and Book Signing 
Saturday September 22, 1 pm–3 pm

Tony DeVarco’s synthesis of the natural and manmade in a simultaneous layering of micro and macrocosm invite the viewer to step into a stunning world of previously incomprehensible relationships and possibilities. DeVarco’s most recent large format images, presented in the exhibition, The Way of Time, and appearing in the book of the same name, are a poetic journey through time and space and a contemporary retelling of a very ancient story. A versatile visual artist and seasoned technology professional working in Northern California, DeVarco uses a photomontage process that juxtaposes ancient and classical motifs with modern elements, enabling him to pierce through a media saturated world with digital eloquence. 

A former sculptor working with the basic materials of stone, rope, and wood,  DeVarco has returned to the creation of art with a fresh vision and vigor, utilizing the most straightforward of digital tools, including a laptop, a digital camera, and the ubiquitous software presentation product, PowerPoint.  With these tools he has explored a completely distinctive approach to digital mixed media. Influenced by centuries of art and architecture, space, theatre, geo-mapping, Momoyama shoji screens, the surface of Venus, and a multitude of other experiences, DeVarco creates complex, multilayered compositions.

DeVarco holds a degree in economics from DePauw University and a Masters in arts administration from Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music. DeVarco manages Silicon Graphics’ strategic software partners and international cloud computing program.

For 23 years, the Marta Hewett Gallery has focused upon the presentation of innovative and finely crafted contemporary art in multiple mediums by regional, national, and international artists